Uusimaa Areena

Toni Nyströn uusimaa areena nollae energiatehokkuus

The planning of the Uusimaa Areena in Porvoo has been guided by energy efficiency from the very beginning. The hall’s energy consumption has been minimized through nolla_E’s simulations and energy efficiency optimization. Toni Nyström, the CEO of Uusimaa Arena, is pleased with the results.

“The monitoring data for the first winter so far looks promising. The electricity consumption has matched the planned levels,” Nyström reports. The estimated annual costs for purchased energy are approximately 10,000 euros, with the lighting accounting for about 40 percent. As a result, heating costs remain remarkably low.

nollaE has been involved in the planning phase of the hall, and the energy solutions have been optimal from the very beginning. Thanks to nolla_E’s optimization, the heating power required for the hall was reduced to almost one third of what was originally envisioned for the implementation. Originally, there were plans to build a dome hall, but nolla_E’s calculations led to the decision to construct a solid hall. This has had a positive impact on the value of the property, and the optimized energy solution will further increase the hall’s value significantly.

The energy-optimized solution is the most cost-effective

“Thanks to nolla_E’s simulation, we were able to explore various options. The energy-optimized solution we chose is four times more cost-effective than the conventional one. Initially, adjusting the hybrid heating system took some time, but now the indoor temperature has remained as planned even during freezing weather,” says Nyström.

In the sports hall, energy is primarily consumed for heating and cooling during the summer season. The 4,000 square meter hall provides facilities for football enthusiasts throughout the year. The hall’s occupancy rate has been good from the very beginning, and users have been satisfied with the facilities. In addition to the artificial turf field, the hall also features an open gym area. During this year, dressing rooms with toilet and shower facilities will be added to the hall, and these, too, are intended to utilize nolla_E’s energy-efficient design.

“Sports clubs and educational institutions actively use the hall. Additionally, Uusimaa Areena hosts various events and well-being activities. This year, we have at least three different trade fair events planned,” Nyström explains. The future of the brand-new Uusimaa Areena appears to be highly energy and cost-efficient.