We focus on finding the most profitable energy solution for you

Our service is independent of specific devices and systems and focuses solely on optimizing the profitability of your energy-efficiency investment and how it should be implemented. Our solution is always the most profitable one and provides the best return on your investment. 

Towards a carbon-neutral future with the latest technology and AI 

We utilize our proprietary AI-based software with dynamic calculations for simulating and identifying the optimal energy solution for each individual building.  

We manage to achieve top results by using the optimal combination of the best available technologies.   

Our ability to optimally re-engineer energy flows is what really sets us apart from alternative approaches. After the initial simulation of the individual building, our proprietary software evaluates and cross-evaluates the effects of typically 1,000 to 30,000 small and large energy efficiency improvements. Having evaluated all of the thousands of alternative combinations, the software identifies the optimal combination of energy efficiency improvement measures that yields the highest return for the building in question.

Our impartial and unbiased recommendations are tailored to each individual building  

  • The most profitable combination of energy efficiency measures for your building
  • Modeling of current energy flows and use in your building
  • A preliminary investment plan for implementing the recommended solution 
  •  Benchmarking of alternative combinations of energy efficiency measures
  •  Return on investment for the energy efficiency improvement investment
  •  CO2 emissions and savings for the re-engineered energy flows

Our services as a process

Simulation models energy flows and use

Re-engineering of energy flows

The most profitable energy solution and support for decision-making

Simulation models energy flows and use  

The simulation starts with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of thousands of factors. We want to have a detailed understanding of the individual object so that we will be able to identify the optimal energy solution for it.  

The simulation phase includes a structural review of the building and associated building technology as well as an analysis of its energy usage. The software utilizes dynamic calculations for simulating the energy usage of the building hour by hour to identify exactly how many kWh are used, for what purpose and when. The simulation is a very important step in the process before the optimization itself can be done.  

Re-engineering of energy flows evaluates thousands of measures and combinations  

Our proprietary software evaluates all possible combinations of measures to improve energy efficiency for a building and identifies, for example, the five most optimal alternatives for comparison. The identified alternative combinations of measures are comparable against each other, against the current situation of the planned renovation site, or against a potential new planned solution for the site. 

Benchmarking of alternatives provides support for making decisions  

Our reports show the immediate costs and benefits for implementing the alternative combinations of energy efficiency improvements as well as their actual cost savings over time. The benchmarking reports always include comparisons against alternative solutions as well as an cost analysis for the optimal energy investment.  

The alternative combinations of measures can be compared on energy consumption, total cost, payback period of the investment, return on investment (ROI) and yield of the property. The software also estimates annual CO2 emissions and savings for the optimal combination of energy efficiency improvement measures for the building. 

Additional services

In addition to our core service of identifying the optimal energy efficiency solution, we also offer, as an additional service, tendering, project management, HVAC special planning and control as well as monitoring services provided by nollaE or by our partners. 

  • Tendering
  • Project Management
  • HVAC Special Planning
  • Surveillance and monitoring services