New concept to accelerate the green transition

Nokia, together with six other companies, is developing a new data market concept that can accelerate the green transition of cities. The concept connects data providers and users to facilitate the movement of information towards promoting urban sustainability. This innovation helps to create smarter and more environmentally friendly cities, where sustainability is one of the key values. 

The new data market concept would enable cities to make faster green transitions by collecting and sharing important data. This way, cities can make better decisions to promote sustainable development. The concept would also help data providers to obtain valuable information about the type of data that cities need to promote sustainability.

DataMust project also involves nolla_E, which brings its comprehensive expertise in profitable sustainability and energy efficiency to the project. This way, we participate in a systemic change that is necessary to create a sustainable and carbon-neutral built environment. At the same time, energy usage decreases and costs-savings are reached.

Partnering in the project are city of Espoo from Finland, Las Rozas Innova and Sacyr from Spain.

The data marketing concept is an example of how the power of data can help promote sustainable development, and it encourages others to support similar solutions.



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