Luotsi Capital

Property portfolio to A-energy rating

Luotsi Capital, a Finnish company specializing in the management of real estate capital funds under the Luotsi-Kodit brand, recently carried out a project re-energineering energy flows. Their goal was to achieve an A-energy rating for their properties in the Tampere and Helsinki regions. The project included four properties totaling 256 apartments. We interviewed Kim Jolkkonen, Luotsi Capital’s Project Manager since 2021, who has extensive experience in real estate development and housing business.

Where did the collaboration being

Luotsi Capital encountered unexpectedly high electricity consumption in a geothermal property in Tampere. To find a solution, they leveraged the expertise of nolla_E, which had received a recommendation from Kiinteistö-Tahkola for their ability to consider the economic aspect of energy efficiency.

Initially, a study was conducted on one property to achieve an A-energy rating through small and intelligent measures. The attractive returns demonstrated by the study motivated Luotsi Capital to conduct similar investigations in three other properties as well. 

In the Tampere property, annual energy costs decreased by 67 percent, with a payback period of 4.2 years.

Comprehensive recommendations for energy flow optimization

The client received detailed and clear recommendations from nolla_E for energy efficiency optimization measures. The recommendations included information on cost savings and return on investment. Kim Jolkkonen appreciates the report’s readability and clarity, making it understandable even for non-experts. Kim also considers it highly valuable that the measures were optimized on a per-apartment basis, therefore focusing the actions where they were most effective without unnecessary over-correction.

The impact of energy efficiency on property value

“When a property’s energy consumption decreases, it has a clear impact on its value, and achieving an A-energy rating adds inherent value. Nowadays, foreign investors don’t even consider buying properties that are not A-rated,” says Kim.

Luotsi Capital’s goal for the next fund is to develop new properties and to involve nolla_E already in the planning phase to verify energy efficiency, even before the construction phase.