Is there anything that can be done about high electricity bills?

Lately, the most talked-about topic at coffee tables has undoubtedly been the price of electricity. Electricity consumption threatened to rise to record levels due to severe cold spells, leading to a surge in spot electricity prices to a record high, nearly 2.5 euros per kilowatt-hour.

Both property companies and individuals are challenged by electricity consumption and prices. In their work as professionals in the energy sector, experts at nolla_E look at electricity usage from a slightly different angle than residents of single-family homes, but the principle is the same for all types of properties.

The best way to reduce the electricity bill is to reduce consumption

There is no single magic trick to reducing your electricity bill. The electricity consumption of properties is the sum of numerous factors. However, it is characteristic that saving measures are based on reducing consumption and shifting the time of consumption.

nolla_E uses an algorithm in its energy solution calculation that simulates all the processes that occur in a house. The software then simulates all possible changes to the processes in the house, as well as combinations of these changes. For many property owners, it comes as a surprise that top results can be achieved with just small changes to the property’s existing technology.

Optimal energy solutions through simulation

Our software calculates tens of thousands of possible combinations of measures to improve energy efficiency for a building and selects, for example, the three most optimal combinations of measures for comparison.
The alternative combinations of measures can be compared both with each other and with the current state of the renovation project – with the help of a clear and indisputable report.

Would you like to hear more about how your current property could be more energy-efficient, even without massive renovation, by utilizing and optimizing the property’s current technology?

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