ElectriCITY – Innovations and Collaboration

At the EC-Day, which was held on 25th May, Stockholm Green Innovation District or “Greenovation Stockholm” was introduced. This is a new European network for energy innovations, export and collaboration, involving the members of ElectriCITY in knowledge exchange, communication and business.

The focus of the day was on energy efficiency and energy storage in particular, in order to meet the requirements of the EU’s new taxonomy in the future. Seven companies presented their innovations, along with nolla_E.

Here is a presentation in Swedish by Nikolas Salomaa regarding “Energy Efficiency and Financial Calculations”.

Energieffektivitet och Finansiella kalkyler, Nikolas Salomaa. Video: ElectriCITY Innovations

Project in a nutshell

ElectriCITY is citizen-driven innovation platform in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, aiming to create a climate-friendly district. Under the project name Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0, they run about 30 different  sustainability projects. All of them in collaboration with companies, research organizations and universities. Their focus is on implementing smart and renewable energy, sustainable transport and especially energy-efficient housing. Also correspondingly electric buses and cars are to align with the Paris agreement.

Hammarby Sjöstad serves as a test bed for innovative solutions, which can be replicated in other districts and municipalities in Sweden and even abroad. With around 70 members and partners from various businesses, research institutes and the city of Stockholm, ElectriCITY works towards a climate-neutral district by 2030. As a Swedish credit union, they actively participate in collaborative projects and closely engage with housing associations and most importantly residents in Hammarby Sjöstad.

You may find the presentations from EC-Day via the link below. All presentations are in Swedish.