The residential area of Skanssi in Turku is in a phase of quick development. YH Home is building both owner- and rental apartments for 8.000 inhabitants. Under construction right now is the Tower of Skanssi that is energy optimized by the financial energy engineering bureau nollaE Oy.

nollaE’s expert Jerker Brandt behind him Tower of Skanssi.

“Our aim is always and for every building to find the best combination of energy solutions in terms of ROI”, says the Managing Director of nollaE, Nikolas Salomaa.

Skanssi as a residential area is becoming an ecological and sustainable part of the city of Turku. The area has new types of energy systems such as a two-way district heating network and large scale renewable energy usage. Energy efficiency is of course also an important part of the Skanssi area.

“The combination of energy solutions that we have planned for the Skanssi Tower includes underground energy storage that is utilized in the heating- and cooling of the building.”

Underground energy storage technology is in a phase of fast growth in Finland. The existent and already tried out technology of nollaE makes it possible for buildings to produce and store energy on site. The same technology is also used for cooling down buildings.

Energy- and cost savings in the short- and the long run

Energy efficiency optimization makes it possible to save energy but also savings in the construction costs of new buildings.

“Energy efficiency optimizing is economical because we provide reliable data on both construction- and life cycle costs”, says Salomaa.

Moving into the Tower of Skanssi will be during the spring of 2019. Both the dwellers and the developer will enjoy the best energy efficiency, greatest possible comfort and sustainable living due to the energy efficiency optimization and the advanced energy systems.

Watch a video introducing the  Tower of Skanssi energy solutions designed by nollaE.