Building constructor or real estate owner

Do you know how much you can save now and still after 20 years?

Optimize the energy efficiency of your buildings

At nollaE we do not only monitor and adjust details. We design your energy solutions ensuring cost efficiency through their whole life cycle.

Time for energy retrofit in your building?

You might want to consider our tailormade energy solution

With nollaE solution energy costs can be reduced significantly

The holistic nollaE optimization is a unique service taking into consideration the individual characteristics of each building.

Energy efficiency is measured in euros

In addition to savings we offer unbiased information on most cost effective options

Well designed is often most cost efficient

Our calculations give you important information and insightful support in decision making. We will also take care of the competitive tendering of equipment, if you wish.


Why nollaE?

  • Minimize energy consumption and costs

  • Maximize energy efficiency

  • Maximize return on investment


  • aurinkoenergia auringon lämmön varastointi lämmönvarastointi aurinkolämpö

Collecting and storing solar thermal energy


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